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26 March 2011

Odell Lake in March

It was spring break this past week, and feeling the need to get out of Dodge we headed to one of our favorite places in the Cascades, Odell Lake.

The cabins are small and old-fashioned: no TV, no internet, no phone coverage. The furniture is chunky pine stuff, made nearby, and looks exactly like it belongs to the Three Bears.

 There are maybe 15 cabins in all, and many of them were empty. Could it be that people don't want to look out their kitchen window and see this? Perhaps instead they sought sunnier, warmer destinations, or maybe they just wanted a place with wi-fi.

But late March in the old Cascades is a special time. It is just on the cusp of spring.

 What is falling as rain just 15 minutes' drive away, still visits the higher elevations as snow.

 Beautiful, inviting snow in back of our cabin.

 The piers at the water's edge are blanketed with snow, and abandoned for the season.

 However there is a temporary feeling about it, and the lake has begun to leave winter behind.
The lake has its eye on summer already. You can just tell.


  1. What a lovely goodbye to winter, and you had it all to yourselves.

  2. Do you ever ski over to Fawn Lake when you're up that way?

  3. what beautiful photos of a beautiful place...quiet. it looks really quiet...and i love the textures of the new header!

  4. what gorgeous gorgeous images... just look what I've been missing!

  5. Tabor, it was a fantastic farewell to winter, which we don't fully experience in the Willamette valley.
    Snow: We spent approx 90% of our skiing hours-which were many-trying to locate the trail to Fawn Lake. I thought about doing a special post on just that. John has skied to it in the past (and says that I did too) but we failed to find it this week. bah.
    Slim: The quiet is something I'll have to mention if I write again about Odell. You're right, it is SO quiet.
    Patience: Kentucky is beautiful too, but you really must make your way west some day! The Rose City Classic In Portland?

  6. This is a beautiful series of photos.

  7. Before i saw those pictures, i too would have headed for sunnier climes but what most would think was a cold, uninviting climate for this time of year, you make look like a dream destination. Great photography and you hit the nail on the head with the wi-fi comment too!!



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