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18 March 2011


 Ah. Spring break is here. No worries, I thought. I'll just stop by the new up-scale little market in town and buy something great. Skinless chicken thighs, what a treat.

I return to my car, but oddly, an employee is following; what does this twenty-something want?  As I'm about to open the car door she says, "Excuse me, but I saw somebody hit your car and I wondered if this was already here..." as she pointed to the large swath of scratches and scrapes covering the right bumper.  I, already bummed by this short conversation, say "AWwwwwwwww...noooo, this is new." She then says that she saw it happen, copied the license number into her cell phone, and noted the model and make of vehicle, and would I like the info? Well, yeah, what stupid jerk would do this kind of thing, so I get the info, and call the local police--twice--because it's not obvious which department needs to hear from me. The helpful employee disappears back to her job, while I very nervously report this crime to the police. I am told to go home and that an officer will contact me later.

By the time I get home I am cheered up by the fact that I will make chicken satay for dinner. Spring break has begun, and John has walked the dogs.  It's not all bad. Aside from the car, nobody is hurt.  I pour a glass of wine and the phone rings, the cell phone, that is, my back-up phone, the one I don't think about, and not the land line phone number I reported to the police.  It's a polite young officer, who immediately says that the person who hit my car "was born in 1935" and "lives in a trailer court off of Conifer Street." He soothingly tells me that most incidents of this sort are due to old folks or teens.

Because I pass this trailer court every single day on my way to work, and because I have an 89-year-old mother, and because I've started in on my glass of wine, and also because I suddenly realize that the young officer is trying to be kind--and kindness defeats me every time--I am nice about it all, and very meek. The officer is relieved that I don't want to press charges, that I would be fine with him just dropping by and interviewing the old gentleman, and that I would be perfectly happy if that man  would just call me and give me his insurance information. Within 10 minutes that call does come, from an apologetic old man with a heavy Dutch accent. I thank him kindly, and hang up. He is only 14 years older than me.

I call the market.  I say that I didn't know who reported the incident with my car, but would they please thank her, because it was very very kind of her and I really appreciated it. In the end I am glad that everyone was just...kind.


  1. Yes, BUT, it might be time for this gentleman to lose his licence. It could have been a small four-year-old he did not see! It could have been someone motorbike he ended up dragging away.

  2. THANK YOU for this. Thank you! Wow.


    Wish I could say something more eloquent, but you've said it all. Perfectly.

  3. a great story - kindness can really take the wind out of your sails sometimes - its powerfl stuff! thank you

  4. This made me smile - I thought it was going to be something negative and sad or angry and it wasn't - it was this perfect little Thing . . .

  5. If I was going to read a blog this kind and heartwarming, I would have expected it to be here at Ed and Reub. Your blogs always lift my spirits. Tabor has a point, but sounds like the police are keeping an eye out for the old dutch guy anyway. I'll simply leave with a smile and sigh. =D

  6. hehehe, you call a man 14 yrs your senior an elderly man.

  7. Tabor, I know. That's one reason that the officer's empathy caught me by surprise; I would have thought he was all for throwing the book at the old fellow, but no.

    Reya, thanks. If anyone is good at re-thinking situations, it would be you. My anger disappearing in a puff makes good sense to you.

    Val, oh man it really did just take the wind out of my sails. like that.

    Kathryn, It's easy to make you smile, I just know it:)

    Linda, I am so happy you stopped by! Yes. I think the police have a special assignment here to watch the old dutch fellow, and keep him out of trouble.

    Ann: Ha! He sounded ancient. And only 14 years older! I guess this happens to all of us, but I'm not ready for it yet! And age must never be an excuse for hit-and-run.

  8. I really enjoy reading your blog. You bring a fine clarity to the things that some of us struggle to see in everyday events. I feel a little refreshed after absorbing your writing and also a tad pensive. Long may it continue...


  9. Refreshed and pensive: a very unique combination, a good one.

  10. i love your yellow snow a lot, i am a dog person and that i love the stolen carrot. mine would do the same thing. all that snow and the gas pump makes me shiver, we live in Florida and dont see that. a wonderful story of the scraped fender and everyone being kind, which does not happen these days most of the time

  11. after i commemented i realize what that is in your header... paws and i love it


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