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21 April 2011

Earth Day

My town is Corvallis, Oregon, and that's where these pictures were taken.
Vine maple branches
Earth Day is a time to celebrate the natural world, and I love it that this day has lasted since I first knew it, as a student in Wisconsin where Senator Gaylord Nelson-an early environmental activist- first proposed the idea.

Indian Hellebore, a beautiful wild plant that is spreading its leaves in the woods right now. It is deadly poisonous.
In an unusual spate of house-cleaning, I threw out the awesome poster I kept from 1970. This one act of dismissal is perhaps the single greatest reason that I now hate to throw out anything.

The small poster was all black and white, a vision of the grim reaper, and designed by a hippie artist in Madison, Wisconsin.

Also blooming: Cardamine nuttalli, "Toothwort"
Around the image of our planet were the words: Earth is finite. Greed is infinite.

A "grouse ladder" Douglas Fir tree that invites you to climb
We have much to celebrate on this day. Lake Erie is in better shape now than it was 40 years ago. DDT is banned and eagles are back. Wolves and cougars live again in Oregon. The hole in the ozone layer is shrinking.  We count whales, and we study carbon sequestration.

It is heartening to know that you can make a difference. The pleading trees in my short video are saying:  Stop driving so much. Stop consuming so much. Buy things that are produced near you. If you worry about dandelions, stop spraying them, lean over and dig them out. It is usually unnecessary to buy water in plastic bottles. Recycle as much as you possibly can.  Turn your lights off at night.

It isn't so difficult being green.


  1. Here in the Philippines, Earth Day is almost always ignored as it coincides with the holy week. Where everyone is away from the metro. Almost everyone is off the TV, radio, and internet!

    The Indian Hellebore looks so harmless! Can't believe it's deadly poisonous.

  2. Ah, a fellow child of the sixties/seventies... I love your blog and the photos were great.

  3. Love the sound track of your pleading trees. Mournful! Wonderful.

  4. I liked this post very much. yes turn out the lights at night, if you must leave one on make it low voltage 'glow' light. Now that the sun is up I reached over and turned off my desk lamp.

  5. Earth Day is very beautiful in Oregon! And hopefully as we become better stewards of the earth it will remain that way.

  6. I had 98% of my electricity off for six hours today. Lindsay and I went out and did gardening. The car will remain in the driveway today.

    Your pictures are so peaceful and beautiful! Have a very Happy Earth Day, Kerry!! =D

  7. those first two shots are amazing, the poison leavs are beautiful, like art and i love all the mingled trees

  8. Wow I didn't know that Hellebore is poisonous. And you are also a fellow of the sixties/seventies same here. ^_^


  9. I love this post, it easy to see it comes from the heart.
    Love the old Douglas Fir! Imagine the tales it could tell!

  10. I love that old big tree, so awesome!

  11. I love living here in the Pacific North West! WOW hon...beautiful shots! I looove the flowers. I love wildcrafting and going out in the woods to seek and look..not pick! My kids love it too!! Wonderful shootout hon, Sarah

  12. the video did not work for me for some reason. the plant that is poisonous is so beautiful. pretty to look at but do not touch!! lol

    great words of wisdom on helping to save our planet.

  13. Loved your post Kerry. I did not do post on this theme for Thur, Fri and Sat, just reflection on the Holy Week. I did enjoy your post. I have new photos of growth will use later this week. Blessings

  14. Such beautiful photos, kerry!


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