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17 April 2011

Eating art

Last week while working with paper mache at school, a student asked me if the glue was edible. I said "Why, yes it is, but why would you want to eat this stuff, which looks like a giant bowl of mucous?" This seemed to be a teachable moment so I added "It's all in the presentation, isn't it? Which is one reason to be in art class, where you learn to make stuff look good, right?" Indeed, their paper mache sculptures are improving every day,despite the nasty-looking ingredients.

Today we took a wonderful hike to a river with Ed and Reub; the river was full of rushing rainwater, and almost over its banks.

At its very edge John noticed a curious collection of objects. A small treasure trove of natural objects placed there by a child?

Maybe a little environmental art installation? I stood there admiring it.

But in barged Reuben, temporarily off-leash to get a drink of water. He sniffed it all over and began to chew enthusiastically.

As you see in this short video, Reub was quite intent on this project, and if I seem unconcerned at his destructive behavior, well, maybe that's because some art does look good enough to eat, at least to a dog. 


  1. Eating rotting wood, more like. Benno loves to do that too.

    I am greatly impressed with the length of time it took Reuben to obey you. And you never even shouted at him.

  2. Just dropped by to tell you the photo was my granddaughter. She had just recovered from some illness and was showing down.

  3. What a great post, ha!

    As soon as I saw the assemblage, I thought "altar." That Reub ate from the altar is, I think, a good thing. You know me - always connecting the dots. I would think to myself that his kind of altar is not meant to last into perpetuity. It's like the Seder plate with the egg, parsley, salt water and such. We are meant to eat the symbols from that plate.

    Reuben is such a GREAT dog! Well done, Reub!

  4. I love hearing you say, "Reub: don't eat the art."

    Ha ha

  5. Friko, There is definitely something attractive about rotting wood!
    Tabor, Thanks, and I can see why you wouldn't necessarily want identify her in your post. Funny picture, which she really will appreciate some day.
    Reya! An altar, yes yes, of course! *giant headslap* That's what it was. There are artists who do altar assemblages, so I suppose this qualifies as both an altar and a piece of art. But jeez, now it does seem damnable that I let Reub eat it. (Despite your kind and true words that this kind of thing is meant to be temporary.)

  6. I guess all of us tend to appreciate art in different ways, even Reuben. :))

  7. Hey there!

    Kids..always strange questions and thoughts. I remember believing that pigeons were little pigs. Okay, maybe that was just being ignorant. Haha!

    Pictures look gloomy because of the rain but I love it!

  8. EG Wow: For Reuben, if it is edible it qualifies as art; his taste is very broad that way.

    Half Crazy: "Pigeon" and "Pig" look related at least on paper, don't they? I can see how you may have thought that!

  9. Haha, and I proudly mentioned it in class. Only to get a big laugh from my classmates. I'm glad no one remembers, though! That was approximately 8 years ago!

    About your comment in my blog, I only read it from cover to cover twice because well.. I love reading. And I was probably bored at the time. Two glasses of wine? Make it like, four! If you're by yourself or with a friend, why not!

  10. Mmm, tasty tasty art.

    PS. You were the first person to send me that link, thanks!


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