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30 April 2011


First child
When I became pregnant with our first child, I remember my mother and father-in-law asking me "what things do you think you are going to need." I thought hard for a few seconds.

Second child

Despite the obvious answer ("everything"), my only response was that "the baby... is going... to need....

Third child
 a... hat." 

I was surprised when they laughed because it was a completely serious answer. I have always liked hats.  A really good parent would have said "diapers, books, quilts, a stroller,  and a good night's sleep"  but I like to think that it wasn't just that I wanted a stylin' baby. Rather one should think of hats as being, you know, basic.

Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice of York, photo by Pascal de Segratain

I now realize that a lot of people feel self conscious wearing a hat. What's that all about? The British have it all over us on this account. We think of the Brits as being cautious and a bit stuffy. Not true. The hats worn by women at the royal wedding were amazing! Expressive and whimsical. You would never see an American wearing one of these.

Miriam Gonzalez Durantz, photo by Dan Kitwood

Sophie Winkleman, Lady Frederick Windsor, Photo by Chris Jackson

This super-terrific hat is a piece of sculpture. Do you have to be invited to a royal wedding to wear one of these? (Yes, probably.)

In July I am going to Spain. It will be hot and I need at least one crush-able, brimmed hat. Today I bought a bright blue one, and this is my very best "Lady Frederick Windsor" imitation.


  1. The hat's good, but you might want to do something about your hair.

  2. I love your hat and your hair, Kerry. I did the royal hats on my blog today too. I posted a really funny column from the local paper, the author was not nearly as kind as you about those royal hats. I don't think she liked them. They were a spectacle to be sure. This is a very stylish blog!! =D

  3. oh, i detest wearing hats. about the best i can manage is a visor when i mow lawn!

  4. I have not been able to carry off a hat since I was in my 20's. I end up with really ugly hat hair. Your hair and bone structure make you look most fashionable for your trip!

  5. you rock the hats, kerry. this is something i know about you...and i love love love those pictures of the kiddos - i remember them all at those stages...and funny, it is on my list of things to do this week to try and track down your fabulous gooren hat online and see if they still make them - i think it's the only non-baseball type hat that i've ever liked on me, and i've decided i needs me some hat fashion!!! wish me luck...

  6. May I suggest that you don't buy a crushable hat to take with you but buy a large brimmed, elegant straw hat in Spain. Either you'll have loved it so much that you will have worn it to shreds or you'll love it even more and bring it home on the plane.

    I have a few hats from my mother and aunt, as well as several hats I have bought for special occasions. Only one of them is a crushable rain hat. I wear woolly hats in winter, for walking.

    PS: Have you ever thought about buying a Perpetual Almanac of folklore or folk custom? You'll be surprised what you can find.

  7. Eddy: Just for that comment I am going to get the brush out and brush YOU vigorously tonight. Which I know you do not look forward to.

    Linda: I went to your blog and read that article! Wow, she is the opposite of me! I love it that British aristocrats wear those hats; I wish everybody did.

    texwisgirl: You are in fine company; I know few people outside my family who wear hats. A visor counts, though. And I bet you need it in that hot Texas sun.

    Eddy, although a dog, is sometimes a bit catty.

    Tabor: I get really bad hat hair, too, but it usually doesn't stop me. The trick is to just leave the hat in place, never take it off. I'm sure that's what those wedding guests did.

    Slim, Do I have a goorin hat? A flat one, not a fedora? omg I am going straight to the closet and check them all.
    I love it that you can recognize all 3 kiddie pics.

    Friko, Do you think I can find a hat that will fit me in Spain? I have a really big head size and unfortunately I'm hard-to-fit. I would LOVE a straw hat. Last summer we were lucky to go to Italy (John's meetings are sometimes located in great locations) and I wore a straw fedora the whole time; it was perfect for the sun. Everybody was wearing them, the Italians I mean, so I didn't feel like a silly tourist.

  8. Hats! I got my love of hats from you, Mom. And yes you have a Goorin hat; I bought it for you for Christmas a few years ago. Brown hat, awesome, stripes.

    I like the pictures you chose!

  9. Sure enough! I love that hat. It has a toothmark on the visor, but nothing that stops me from wearing it. I didn't know what a Goorin hat was at the time!

  10. I'll just say that I would certainly be self-conscious in a hat IF it looked like Princess' Beatrice's!

  11. Snow, I do see your point; that hat is so bizarre it would difficult to forget that it's on your head.

  12. I have bone structure.

    ?????? Really?

    :) yessssss.


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