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28 April 2011

A study in texture

My town is surrounded by forests and mountains. Sometimes when we go for hikes in these places, we come upon a wrecked car in the middle of nowhere.

It's a solemn sight, and it brings up so many questions: whose car was it, who tipped it over, and how long has it been here? These abandoned wrecks seem haunted.

A rusted-out car is a study in texture.

In this wet climate the metal crumbles and moss encroaches.

It will take a long time, but ever so gradually the earth will re-claim the metal.

It seems fitting to say: Amen.


  1. In a strange way, crubbling vehicles have a certain beauty.

    I live in the country where abandoned vehicles are fairly commonplace. And I agree that when I come upon them I wonder how thwy got there and why. I enjoyed seeing this series of shots.

  2. you captured it well - almost beautiful in its decay, but eerie and haunting too. :)

  3. Nature really does have an amazing ability to "take over".

  4. That would play in my mind too. It does look eerie but the texture are so gorgeous!! Great shot!

    Friday shoot out

  5. If my parents old fiat is still around, it would be an antique. It is no rust bucket. Good old Italian car.

  6. I wonder, after it rusts and the rust becomes rusty dust, will it all congeal over time into a lump of ore?

  7. Oh this post is delicious! I love it when I see old crusty wrecks like this. I find it soothing to know that no matter how much crap we produce, at some point, it will be absorbed back into Mama Gaia. Ahhhhh....

    But -

    are those BULLET HOLES in the crusty car? Yikes.

    I'm sure these old wrecks are haunted, definitely. Oh yeah.

  8. what beauty you found in an old rusty car. looks like bullet holes and that its been burned. could be a simple story or more sinister....

  9. That last shot is just lovely with a little of the old life still showing. A great selection of textures.

  10. Bullet holes, yeah, that's what those are. In rural areas it isn't uncommon to see bullet holes in metal signs, metal cars. metal anything. I think it's mostly kids target-practicing with shotguns.

    Before we had landfills and even junkyards, people disposed of everything by dragging it into the hills and abandoning it forever; I think that is what this is.

  11. interesting post and great presentation Kerry! I like the car and moss shot.

  12. What nice nice comments for a hunk of junk.


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