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05 July 2011

Eye of the day

That well by reason men it call may
  The daisie, or els the eye of the day,
    The emprise, and floure of floures all.
Geoffrey Chaucer

"'Days-ee:' the eye of the day!" Now that is an apt description of the lovely, lowly daisies abounding in the roadsides, fields and meadows right now.

These little flowers have a light of their very own. If you ventured out on the paths behind our house this past week when the moonless sky was lit by stars alone, you wouldn't have needed a flashlight to see where you were going. Their mass of bright faces illuminates the way so nicely that you would swear they each contained a tiny torch, together lighting up the dark night.

I suppose daisies are invasive species, but I find it easy enough to forgive them.

They blanket the hillsides for three weeks, and since the weather is predicted to be quite warm this week (a whopping 85˚F or 29˚C) I suppose they will soon give way to the Queen Ann's Lace that always follows. I will have to carry my own light when I go out at night.


  1. oh, they are beautiful! love how they are so thick!

  2. oh the daisies are beautiful. quite warm at 85º? ha! we keep our AC at 82º and it feels nice coming in from outside.

  3. I LOVE that first photo, so soft and airy.

  4. They're so beautiful. I love them in every form - black eyed Susans, cone flowers, etc.

  5. How beautiful your photos are. Of these, I especially enjoy the bottom one.

  6. Kerry!

    How lovely indeed!

    I especially like the mass of daisies in the third shot.

    It does sound like quite a sight at night!


  7. I carried daisies at my wedding! You're right about their own light. Such beautiful photos - thanks for sharing.

  8. One of my favourite flowers.. simple and lovely. You're lucky to see them in such abundance. We're lucky that you shared them.

  9. beautiful!
    Little fairy lights under foot.

  10. Thanks everybody. They
    are still a-bloomin' and the temps are still cool compared to where many of you live. Daisy weather.

  11. One of my favourite plants. I had a gardening client once who wanted them in her lawn but her husband kept making me cut the grass!! I couldn't win. He clearly would have changed his mind had he seen your exquisite photos here. I particularly love the one at the end...



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