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07 July 2011


Our farmer's market is in full swing. Quince jelly, anyone?

And I just can't get enough of the daisies all over the place right now. Or the  buttercups.

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  1. Quince jelly, I never had this before. I googled this, and I don't think I have seen them in my fruit shops.

    Is it like pear or apple?

  2. Hi Ann! It's kind of like a cross between apple and pear, not super sweet. Sort of an odd thing.

  3. Hi Kerry, what time is it in USA? It is 9.30am here.

    Thanks for info about quince. I don't eat or amke jelly. My sister reckons that when we were little, Dad always bought strawberry jam for breakfast. We had so much of it that we were sick of it.

    Now, I have a jar of apricot jar in the fridge, and I am slowly going through it. I also have a jar in the school cupboard. Occasionally I take some crumpets to school. That jar too, is lasting a long time.

    How's your daughter?

  4. Lovely. I do not think I have ever tasted quince jelly...something new to add to my diet!

  5. Well I am not familiar with quince jelly either. But I have a friend who grows everything, I will have to ask her. Great interpretation.

  6. Hi Ann again!
    When It's 9:30AM Friday in NZ, it's only 2:30 PM Thursday here in Oregon. So it's really the Thursday Shoot-Out for me!
    Jessica is doing great, going to grad school at Cornell, about to leave for Ethiopia for 3 weeks. I know you won't be surprised to learn that she is interested in mother/child nutrition issues and food security in struggling countries. You were such a kind and interested reader of her blog while she was in rural Niger.

  7. I've never heard of Quince jelly before, maybe they have this in the store somewhere here but since I'm not a big fan of jam, I never bother buying any kind. Love those flowers shot!

  8. A give-away on Ed & Reub this week! An unadvertised special: for anybody commenting on this post, I will conduct a highly professional drawing of names, and you will receive a tiny watercolor of a quince. A watercolor post card, painted by me sometime in the future, probably August.

  9. Oh yum...I love hand made jelly!!!
    Perfection on the hunt too!!
    I love the word catkins too..and willowwisps and pussywillows...all remind me of have pictures rolling around in my head LOL! Wonderful shootout!
    Hugs, Sarah

  10. I DO love quince jelly! A neighbour gave me a ton of quinces a couple of years ago and the jelly tuned out well. YUM! But unfortunately my husband is a diabetic so I try to NOT have sugary things in the cupboards. :(

    And I like your take on this week's challenge. :)

  11. You've given me a flash back to many years ago when an elderly neighbour had a quince tree and would bring me buckets full to turn into jelly for him. I haven't seen a quince tree for years, would like to have one. I always thought the beauty of them was that the kids would leave them alone on the tree (don't they taste horrible?) but they make such lovely jam and jelly. Like the second shot, too!

  12. Yup they are all in full swing. Just went to our local farmer and bought some fresh pick vegetables. ^_^


  13. I'd love to try some of that jelly. The picture of the flowers is my favorite I would to have them growing around my home.

  14. I really like the first shot Kerry! perfect for our hunt.


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