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12 August 2011

Friday shoot-out: rustic, rusty, rust

It's been a little while since I participated, but this week's theme for Friday Shoot-out, where we do a photo-shout-out for our communities, was so appropriate for Oregon.

Rustic. Last night I was at a pot-luck and this is how it looked in front of the little cabin where we  were, just outside of town.

 Rustic. This is the ceiling in our living room, a typical northwest-style house (complete with *&^%$! cobwebs in upper right!)

Rustic. John's jazz trio was invited to play at a lodge in the Cascades over the weekend; "jazz" and "rustic" aren't usually found in the same sentence.

Rustic: As part of the deal we were offered a free night in a cabin.

Rustic: The cabins are furnished with locally-made furniture.

Rusty: An old Ford on a nearby farm

Rusty: Farm equipment left out in our rainy climate doesn't last long.


Get in the habit of taking pictures of your community; share them with others, and improve your photography skills: Friday Shoot-Out.


  1. I bet the jazz sounded great outdoors by the cottage. Great rusty photos too.

  2. Kerry, these are all perfect for the theme! And...I like how each one has it's own story to it.

    Loved the jazz players - seems so cozy and fun!!

  3. My favorite part of this post is the jazz players. I can actually smell the pines just gazing at your photos. I hope you enjoyed your stay in the cabin. It looks like a divine place to me.

  4. You do rusty and rustic so well.

  5. Sweet shots. That porch? I could live there all summer long.

  6. Love all your rustic cabin shots!

  7. Great post Kerry! Would love to have heard the jazz band out in the rustic outdoors! And how cool that you guys got a cabin to boot?

  8. Love the rustic jazz shot! And the deck shot of the cabin looks like my kind of place. Terrific post.

  9. beautiful, all of these. i love the chair and the porch railing, would love to sit there

  10. I love the contrasts in the third picture! And the other ones are very good too.

  11. your shots of rust are fantastic. love the rustic locally made furniture. and love the band setting. great place to have a jam session.


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