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10 August 2011

Watermelon doughnuts

I am a fan of Wikihow, and have to admit I have read (without remembering) the directions for "How to make a vase out of a plastic bottle," "How to make crop circles," and "How to make a zoetrope."

 I also really like doughnuts and haven't had one in an awfully long time. That's why I couldn't resist yesterday's wikihow: "How to make watermelon doughnuts."

 I had all of the ingredients: watermelon, almonds, yogurt (substituted for sour cream) and honey. Plus a doughnut cutter. You just sweeten the yogurt, add it to the top of a watermelon ring, plunk another ring on top and frost it with more yogurt and a sprinkle of nuts. Bingo: you have a dessert, no a fruit salad.

OK, call it what you will, and although it wasn't really a doughnut, I could almost, almost, be fooled into thinking that it was. Whatever. These were awesome.


  1. not a doughnut..but looks delicious just the same.

  2. Looks yummy! I would try that, absolutely!

  3. Yum :) But i wanna see "how to make crop circles." :)))

  4. Tabor: Yeah. I know. I know. Not a doughnut.

    sg: You should try it! Do.

    <3 Braja: Crop circles are my next project. First I have to have a crop, though.


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