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25 September 2011

Little things

On any given day there is big news somewhere in the world. I was delighted yesterday to learn that Saudi women will be able to vote in 2015, although why not next week? I'm glad the hikers came home from Iran, although I hope they go to the Rockies for their next excursion. I guess even good news is complicated.

What I will most clearly remember about the week isn't the big news.

Nope. The things that come to mind are all quite small, visual snippets coming into focus to the exclusion of everything else.

It's always good to stop and take a moment to examine the little stuff.

Sometimes there's a surprise on the other side.

My favorite surprises come at the most mundane moments, like just as I was stepping out of the shower. What were those tiny, unusual marks on the steamed-up surface of the glass door?

You just can't forget something like this.


  1. Was it you, Alice, who nibbled that mushroom?

  2. The perfect question! I'm not sayin'.

  3. oh, my goodness! the moth on the shower shots are beautiful! art!

  4. Hi Kerry,

    A beautifully captured vignette of life both big and small, who would have thought that moth tracks on a bathroom door would have made me smile so much. Thanks for sharing.

  5. A beautiful post! You are right in every way!

  6. the big picture is made up of beautiful details.

  7. ha, wonderful.
    Like you say, look at the little things, the big things change from day to day, but the little things stay and they are what make life sweet.

  8. cool post! +followed, come check my blog out when you get the chance!

  9. twg: I love it whenever anybody says "art."

    Dr. Rob Rob: When I say your name I feel like I'm telling you to steal something, quickly. "Rob. Rob!"

    The moth tracks were astounding.

    GG: I am rarely right in every way, so thank you.

    Ellen, I know you get this.

    Friko, and you, too.

    Rob Forget: Is that really your last name? Of course it is. What's your middle name?

  10. What a great post. You are firing on all pistons here these days. Wow.

    Yes even good news is complicated. Everything is complicated, hey?

  11. Beautifully presented, as always...


  12. how cool are those last two photos - the last looks like a Japanese painting!

  13. Saul, Thank you.

    Pauline, Hey I see what you mean. Kind of like a Japanese watercolor, or a screen. I hadn't noticed that before.

  14. Wow, such great close ups of nature. Neat shots.

  15. Who knew moths were such creative flutter bys? I love your post and news is complicated sometimes but so are people and it appears.... moths. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for coming by my blog today. =D

  16. Oh wow.. that last one is just a show-stealer. I'll bet you would have had some strange looks from anyone who would see you run from the shower to grab your camera and head back to snap that shot. But I'm glad you did. Beautiful photos, one and all.

  17. Ha! Hilary, I made a verrry quick dash to grab the camera, then back into the shower for the photo before the lens could steam up too much, Nobody saw me...except, of course, the moth.

  18. Amazing images Kerry--the moth ones are my favorites.


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