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01 October 2011

Inside their heads

"Proboscis: A skin disease that causes rashes and bumps."
This past week I finally used the words I've been collecting. Thanks everybody, for contributing to the list which grew to be over 200 words long!

Paw-paw means "two grandpa dogs showing their paws with pom-poms."
Each kid pulled a word out of a hat, and if s/he didn't know the meaning they were allowed to own the word and make up a meaning for it.

Tarmac is "when there is mac and cheese on the road."
They illustrated the definitions with paintings and drawings. Some of the art work was so obscure that I had to request a written explanation.

Of course sometimes the picture made perfect sense, no explanation required.

Puce is "a sound that a gun makes...puce...pew...puce!"
If it weren't for the heavy use of glitter you might think this was thought up by a boy.

A boondoggle is a "dog ghost with goggles."
I did this with my youngest students, 11 years old, who were least likely to have sophisticated vocabulary.

This was a super fun activity for them!

"The wimple crawled through the grass."
 "Wimple" is such a great word.

Hippocampus is "where the hippos go for fun."
Although "hippocampus" may have it beat.

Supercilious is "when someone is acting super-silly."
 The noise level in the room was high, reminding me to add the word "decibel" to the list.

"Serendipity dipped her toes into the Atlantic ocean."
After they finished the drawing, they attached a card containing the real meaning.

"A Desiccant is a small bug about the size of a strawberry. They have a long neck and a shell that no predator can break. They have small wings and can carry things 100x their size. NO Desiccant looks the same."
It was really fun for me to see what was inside their heads...

...because sometimes what's inside their heads is SO much cooler than real life!


  1. I'm going to work at a hippocampus

  2. gosh, this was cute!!! love their creativity!!!

  3. As I've always said, there's just nothing quite like a blue-headed cat with an orange body, although I liked the one about supercilious too.

  4. These are truly fabulous! Wow. Bell hop? Oh yeah.

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful drawings.

  5. oh, i'm so relieved that the words got used. my brain can stop spinning now. yes, hippocampus is LOVELY, but my favorite is the traffic-causing tarmac-and-cheese. verrrry monty python, that one.

  6. how much fun was that! for the kids and you. good job!

  7. Wonder if those hippos played word games at camp? I'm going to try this with my second graders!

  8. What a fun exercise. I wish more teachers stimulated that creativity gene!!!

  9. This is the most delightful thing I've read in about forever!!! It's a delectiblog. (That's the exercise in reverse.)

  10. I love this!! I would love to try this activity with my students :) You are the best.

  11. That was very creative, wasn't it?
    Theres definitely something about children's art.
    Thanks for popping over..........
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  12. Hey thanks everybody! Kids aren't always given credit for their creativity, and neither are teachers. You'd be surprised how creative we school teachers are. Sometimes we're just plum (or is that "plumb"?) crazy.

  13. Slim: BTW, I can't stop the wheels turning in my own head. So many words sound funny to me now. And when I had to explain to them what their words meant, I could only answer with more funny words: "Lollygag? It DAWDLE...hahaha."

  14. These are absolutely delightful. What fun.

  15. came back to say congrats on your POTW!!!

  16. Children are amazing! I just love them! My grandies are so matter-of-fact about life and it's meaning! I love to have conversations with my grandkids, it puts me in place....makes me think like them...helps me not take life so seriously....I am going to do this with my grandkids mext time I see them! WONDERFUL!


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