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04 October 2011

Miracle of the mushroom

We were on a hike in the hills when I first saw it from a distance of 20 feet or so.  I thought, "Hey look, somebody's been up here playing with a mushroom!"  But upon closer inspection, no. This fungus was untouched by human hands. Was this a Miracle? An appearance of The Gingerbread Man for those of us who may have doubted?

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  I mean, why not? If a stain under the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago might mean something to somebody- and it did in 2006-then I'm convinced that my mushroom discovery is important too.

He is so much cuter than that concrete underpass.

I want to believe, I do.


  1. Love mushrooms and glad I stopped by from Hilary's! Congrats on POTW!

  2. that mushroom is talking to you, kerry...what is it saying?

  3. he's beautiful and smiling from ear to ear - or whatever he's got!

  4. Slim...Come to think of it I might have heard him whisper "periwinkle"...or maybe "tiddlywink"..."vireo"..."misanthrope"????
    This is truly a curse.

  5. This mushroom looks like a real "fun guy" yep I made that joke!! I think it is important, you should immediately set up a very small church around it.... Wait there wouldn't be "much room" in a very small church. Anyway it looks a little bit more like Jesus than the other pic and it sure as hell made me smile.

  6. Is that mushroom upside down? it has to be, surely.

    I loved those kid's comments. There's true imagination for you.

  7. Dr. Rob Rob, I am speechless. I cannot think of a pun with which to come back at you. You are in the Top Ten of comments. I can only say that if Jesus really looks like this I will be so happy, so happy.

    Friko: No! This is the top of the mushroom! However, you raise a good question. What does it look like underneath? Is there hair back there?

  8. How lovely - it looks as if it is covered in sugar!

  9. I think it's a Polypore of some sort. Check out Trametes versicolor and Coltricia perennis.

  10. is magical....natures little reminder to smile at your day...which is easy for me to do when hiking...smiles.

  11. That's just too darned cute. Creative you for noticing. I'm glad you captured that mushroom digitally and thought to share it.

  12. You've heard of the "doctrine of similars," perhaps. According to it, plants that look like body parts were made that way by god so that people would know that they were created to heal those body parts. Your magic shroom was no doubt created to heal broken smiles.

  13. I LOVE it. The most adorable mushroom ever. I wonder if you could sell it on ebay to mushroom collectors. JK! LOL.

  14. ladyfi: It wasn't sugar. A lot more slimy than that.

    Adrian: At last! A scientist visits. I looked up the 2 types of fungus & it's definitely not the 1st one. "IT'S NOT A CONK or a SHELF mushroom" I exclaimed back to my husband. It's just a regular mushroom. That looks like gingerbread man. Tending towards Coltricia perennis, maybe.

    Brian: magical. yes. still makes me smile.

    Hilary: I could not help but notice. It was all by itself, and smiling at me.

    Snowbrush: If I ever knew it, I had forgotten the doctrine of similars. I looked it up though, and found it very interesting. I am cured of my broken smile!

    Rebecca: y'know...maybe I should have snipped this guy off and put him up for sale. Wonder what I could have earned?
    ...nahhh, not worth it.

    bared-eyed sun: You're weird! Maybe weirder than this smiling mushroom! What's with that punctuation? I wanna know.

  15. As you know, I believe! What a happy mushroom!

    A mushroom walks into a bar, orders a drink. The bartender says, "Why should I serve you?" The mushroom says, "Because I'm a fun guy (sic)."


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