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08 October 2011

A wooden phone?

John, who has never even owned a cell phone, just got an iPhone. Holy cow! I actually don't covet his phone, but I kind of want a wooden one and this is why:

I wish all ads were this awesome.


  1. is that marvelous or what?! !!!!!

  2. Just imagine the time and patience it took too create it. Very cool.

  3. We humans are so amazing, aren't we?

    Hey - get an iphone and learn the technology - pretty soon we will be able to do all kinds of things with these incredible devices. Save a tree, forget the wood iphone.

    You know it isn't a phone. You know that right? You can use it as a phone but it is a tool of self expression, creativity and connection. I can't say enough good things about it.

  4. That was truly beautiful! And I loved the note the deer sang!

  5. Merry: I noticed the slightly funky notes right around the time of the deer, too! Pretty cool, huh?

    Slim and Reya: This is a uniquely human thing to do, build a structure like this in the forest and produce Bach with a rolling wooden ball.

    Reya: The iPhone is an amazing gizmo, and since I almost never talk on the phone I know I would be playing with it to the exclusion of other things...I already spend too much time online...I think I should wait on this toy. I'm glad John has one though.

  6. Isn't that a great commercial? I just got a bamboo case for my iPhone from Grove. It was expensive, but waaay cool.


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