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22 October 2011

I'm sure it's a gadfly

It was raining when I noticed this little creature hiding between the boards in the fence. It made me glad to have a raincoat and place to get out of the drizzle, a place that wasn't just a couple of mossy boards.

 But what kind of insect is this? I feel like I should know. Showing the picture to John, I called it a "katydid," no a "cicada",  no a "lacewing," no I know... a "gadfly."  At which point he laughed at me. Sometimes I just can't hide my ignorance.

What is a gadfly anyway? I think it's a real thing, like a horsefly or a deerfly, but it could be a person who bugs you, too, and this what you get if you look it up on Google images.


  1. I know that I am supposed to be knowledgeable about nature, but I have noooooo idea what this is!!!!! Lol, if you don't know what else to call it, just call it a bug. ;D

  2. hey, i've heard of a gadfly too. just not sure what yours is. :)

  3. Wow, love that the photos is backlit. I have heard of a gadfly but never gave it much thought.

  4. Funny. Gadfly is such and old term, isn't it? I love your new header photo. So arty.

  5. GG: I forgive you for not identifying this bug, but only if you promise to show pictures of that penguin sweater you're gonna knit!

    twg: I bet there are gadflies all over TX.

    Rebecca: I was surprised that this picture turned out at all with the light behind it like that; I couldn't see the insect's details until I had it on the computer. Crazy.

    Tabor: I am still in a funny-word-mode and can't stop using vocabulary like "gadfly" and "cummerbund," "spats," "portly" and "bellicose." Somebody needs to stop me.

  6. Do gadflies gad about? Is that where the verb Gadding comes from?

  7. Ha! Love the cartoon.

    THe pictures are kind of alarming. I am not a big fan of bugs.

  8. Great pictures. Especially the first one.

  9. ER: Yes! They gad about. And they also are prone to Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

    Reya: The pictures are more disturbing than the actual insect, who was really trying hard to avoid me. A huge blown-up picture of me would be much worse I bet.

    Doug, Thank you.


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