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19 October 2011

Sweaters for penguins and bibs for cats

Associated Press photo
 I am a little slow to catch up on the latest trends, but how could I have missed this? People are knitting tiny jumpers (sweaters) for penguins caught up in oil spills, the latest being in New Zealand.

Photo by Leli Nargi
That's right. To keep the birds from ingesting oil on their feathers while they await cleaning, it helps to wear a sweater, and you can find the pattern here. I wish I knew how to knit because this is just so sweet.

It's been a little while since we've had a cat, but I wish I'd known about the Cat Bib when I was trying to keep our half-wild cat from hunting birds.

This apparel keeps most cats from being successful hunters. And also I bet they feel kind of humiliated.


  1. I have heard of those penguin sweaters! I actually tried to knit one of them, but it turned out to look like......well..... I don't think there is a word for what it turned out to look like. :D I think I will stick with scarves. :)

  2. rather creative in both respects.

  3. I just saw that about the penguin sweaters on FB today.

  4. Looks like the mice were finally able to bib the cat.

    Get it? Aesop's fables. Belling the cat?

    Wow. This is a tough room.

  5. GG: Now I'm curious! Go ahead, say what it looked like! Do you still have it, and if so take a picture. Surely it could be a sweater for something?

    TWG: yuh, I thought so.

    Ellen: I hate it when FB scoops me.

    Doug: HA! That's me cracking up! I got it right away, but have always had trouble spelling "Aesop."

  6. kerry- Tell you what! I will try to knit another one of these and post it on my blog when it is finished. :D The one I did first is just plain embarrassing!

  7. I like looking smart and stuff, but I should probably admit I had to look it up.

  8. Oh that's so sweet. Good for those who are contributing.

  9. GG: Nothing you make could possibly be worse than what I would make. I don't even know how to knit, but I used to kind of know how to crochet.

    Doug: You looked it up!! I think you're awesome.

    Hilary: Hi! I heard that they were getting quite a few donations. But sadly there are bound to be more oil spills, so anybody who made an "extra" one will probably have a place to send it.

  10. One should never be without a cat for long!


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