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27 January 2012

Proof that the internet is real

When John came home yesterday he said, "Who are these people?" as he looked at the mail strewn across the kitchen counter stacked neatly on the table.

 "That's Kady and Summer!"  I responded. Blank look. "Kady was the girl who danced with the wizened old jazz musician in New Orleans..." and of course then he remembered.

If I seemed happy, I was. "See?" I said, "It's proof that the internet is real." Which is kind of true. Every word that I write seems like I'm talking to myself. Comments at the end of a post always surprise me. Is somebody really reading this? Does a real person actually read my own comments on their blogs?

I guess so. Because in the mail I received a photo of Kady and Summer, two amazing women who travel, then work, travel, then work. I really love their smart (well, sometimes dumb, but I mean that in a good way) and very funny blogs. Their latest work was a man-job in which they replaced electric meters throughout the US, and it required them to dress appropriately.

I have been supportive of that work wear. Seriously. It's not that bad. Almost hot. "Almost hot" is where everybody should be in work wear! Don't argue with this, it's old-fashioned, but true.  People who are "hot" at work are terrible losers. Much much better to be "almost hot."

Kady and Summer's vests are much cooler than my own.  That's right, I have a fluorescent vest, bought some years back, in Alabama, when I was a participant in a skit that involved people in a prison-road- crew. Now I use the vest on dim evenings when I run on the street. It is not at all hot.

In the photo, Summer is wearing this striped shirt, which ironically, I was lusting after just a week ago when Kady directed me to The Zero Waste Home, a very admirable blog where everything is reused and recycled. Yvonne, the blogger, was talking about how she used a striped shirt to liven up all of the other stuff in her closet. It made me want to buy a striped shirt so bad, but of course that was entirely missing the point, so I didn't. 
However, now that I see how great Summer looks,  I might just have to splurge. I might also have to pick up a black fleece like Kady's, which is a Northern Hemisphere basic, and I don't own one yet.


  1. I think I have an idea what you're talking about here, but I'm not sure. But then it is early and I've only just got out of bed.

    Should I wear my fluorescent vest today? Maybe not, it's Saturday and I'm off road mending for today.

  2. I guess my camo suit is not hot...well actually it is quite warm when I wear it outside leaning against does that make me almost hot?

  3. Oh, we are. Great post! (I love posts about me.)

  4. (Also I thought you wrote that you had to pick up that 'blank face' that I'm wearing, then I noticed it said, "Black Fleece.")


  5. I have some black fleece pants left over from my river days. Does that count?

  6. Kerry-
    Silly Kerry. Our posts are exhalations and we are holding our breath until you comment...
    P.S. I would mail the shirt to you, but what you can't see are the big blotchy brown stains and frayed hems...

  7. Friko! You have a fluorescent vest? I really really hope you do, but it isn't the sort of thing you write about & so I don't believe you!

    Tabor: I suggest pairing the camo pants with a fitted olive tee, and accessorize with silver bangles. Wait, that might be too hot.

    twg: K and S are hilarious. I wish they had replaced our meter, but instead it was some boring dudes who came when we weren't even home.

    ALRN: Blank face!! That's exactly the kind of reading error that I make. You know that photo contest Summer is having, trying to figure out what you're gonna look like in 30 years? Me. You're gonna be me. Maybe I should send a pic.

    Ellen: Absolutely. Maybe you could pair it with the top to Tabor's camo suit (worn unbuttoned with a cute little tank top underneath. Plus a necklace featuring a beautiful glass bead that you've made.)

    HS: Haha!
    That shirt! You wear it so well. Makes the yellow vest pop, and those gloves are to die for. I wouldn't dream of asking you to part with it, even if it does have a few stains!


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