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29 March 2012

Internet detox

Every once in awhile it's really good to go to a place where there is no internet. It's like going back to my childhood, where there was a plethora of raccoons, but not a single computer.

 It's hard to imagine such a place, so distant and alone, but that's where the two of us went this week, Odell Lake in the Cascade Mountains.

 Springtime? No. 

 Not so fast, anxious one, not so fast.

 Relax. You need to listen to the absence of noise.

 There is nothing to do here but look and absorb the quiet.

 A good place to play with the camera.

 And to look at forgotten things very closely.


  1. wow! SOOO pretty! those bows bent by the snows are SOOO pretty!!!

  2. I can hear the quiet. It is like little cat feet there! I am also now very, very cold. But heading out to Florida today, so I shoud thaw soon.

  3. Nice pics. Now a days we have a plethora of computers and far fewer raccoons !(or tigers,lions, elephants, rhinos ......)

  4. What great photos! Which end of the lake were you at. I've stayed twice at the Odell Lake Lodge. The lodge itself was cramped and noisy, so we got cabin the next time, and enjoyed that better.

  5. twg: It was so beautiful.

    Tabor: I'm sure you'll thaw out in FL, and if you go to the right places you will also find quiet.

    RR: That's true! And sad.

    Laoch: Very nice.

    Snow: East end. The lodge was extremely quiet this time of year. We stayed in a cabin though, like we usually do, and it was great. They are updating their cabins (new cabinets and bathrooms) which is nice. Went skiing and snowshoeing out the back door.

  6. I feel calmer just looking at the pics ... through the internet!

    I'll admit I would have a hard time unplugging. Maybe I should give it a go.

  7. Oh .. it's the lovely winter we never had. Such beautiful photos. I'm glad you enjoyed the calm.

  8. ah, the absence of noise - how restful and refreshing! Such beautiful photos, too!

  9. Reya: It's ironic isn't it? That one might feel calmer by just looking at a few detox photos-on the internet!!!

    It's strange having no computer access, but surprisingly easy to get used to.

    Hi Hilary, I can't believe the mild winter that you had.Crazy.

    Pauline, It was very peaceful there, and I think that comes through in the pics.

  10. Did you get lost in the snow at all?

  11. Love the 6th shot. beautiful is not the best word, should be a bigger, grander word. but have only had one cup of coffee so....


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