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24 March 2012


After months of discussing Suzanne Collins' books with rabid fans, after following fan websites and sneak preview glimpses, after registering with, after acquiring a Mellark Bakery t-shirt, and after re-watching "Winter's Bone," yesterday-the day before spring break-I went with a group of 180 14-year-olds to see the long-awaited  Hunger Games movie.

 Whew. Could there be a better field trip? Even the bus driver had a smile.

During the movie nobody talked, threw popcorn, or even left for the bathroom: unheard-of with a group such as ours! Afterward there was much arguing about the details left out of the movie, but mostly I think this film was well-received by fans. I won't spoil it by commenting further.

 Later we took a short quiz from the World Food Programme, which yesterday donated a free meal to a hungry child for every completed survey.

And thennnnnnn...we decorated cupcakes Here's to you, Peeta:

This evening I go to the movie again! Along with family, this time. Twice in one weekend, that's a lot for me.


  1. wow. you REALLY had a dose of it! now, pass me a cupcake, please!? :)

  2. I read all three books and disliked the violence, but was intrigued by the story and characters. I am wondering if I will like the movie. It is about all three books or only part I?

  3. twg: Help yourself. There are still some left, and it's Sunday. Must be eaten.

    Tabor: The PG13 rating of the movie is pushed right to the limit. But while the premise of the story is disturbing and the violence is real, the ultimate message is that violence is wrong and manipulation of the powerful is evil.

  4. I found the book disturbing too and think I will pass on the movie. Glad it has a good message in the end.

  5. I take it you approved, then. ;)

    Those cupcakes turned out nicely. I love the rose. I assume there's some connection to the movie?

  6. LOVED the movie. Cried and sobbed. Afterward Summer and I and our married couple friends were walking the mall waiting for a table at Big Bowl, and I told Summer, "it's like we have this secret that nobody knows."
    Because we had just been through the emotional wringer and people were shopping at Pottery Barn as if NOTHING HAD HAPPENED!

  7. Hilary: One of the main characters in the movie is the son of a baker. His best means of self defense is the skill he learned as a cake decorator.

    Anyway. I teach art, and so almost anything can be included in my class, even cupcake-frosting!

    ALRN: I know JUST what you mean! The books are as addictive as anything I've ever read, and I was totally immersed in the movie, TWICE. What...not everybody feels this way?


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