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22 March 2012

Hunger games

What a strange work week. Two days on, two days off (snow days while the rest of North America swelters), and then tomorrow: the last day before spring break. Pretty weird.

Awhile ago when I found out that the 8th graders were going to see The Hunger Games tomorrow morning (on its opening day), I screamed "I volunteer! I VOLUNTEER to go to the hunger games!" (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you should watch the trailer.)

Basically, if you're me, this is the Best Field Trip Ever. I volunteer to chaperon, you bet. I loved those books by Suzanne Collins, and have turned into a Hunger Games geek.

What will the class do tomorrow after we get back? We'll take this short quiz on world hunger, from the World Food Programme. Should we win one of the 5 signed posters after taking the quiz, we'll have a discussion about the best way to handle the prize:

1. Draw a name from the class, and he/she keeps the poster (or sells it on eBay as some have sworn to do.)
2. Sell the poster on eBay and donate the proceeds to world hunger. (Swear to god that they came up with this, not me.)

Red velvet batter is gross and scary

And then we will decorate cupcakes. (If you wonder what this has to do with anything,  you should read the book.) So, today, on my second snow day in a row, I made 4 dozen cupcakes to take to school tomorrow. The colors of fire: half red velvet, half yellow. This is gonna be so much fun.


  1. Summer and I are going on Saturday...we've watched the trailer OH I DONT KNOW A MILLION TIMES!

  2. sounds like you're gonna thoroughly enjoy this. :)

  3. Beautiful red. Wow.

    Every intelligent woman I know is reading these books.

  4. Wow! School field trip to the hunger games? What a cool school.

  5. Laoch: Read the book, then go!

    ALRN: I'm ashamed to admit how many times i've watched the trailers, and how often I've visited Down With the Capitol. I'm a crazy fan. I own a t-shirt.

    twg: Soo fun!

    Reya: The batter was gruesomely red, but baked into a nice red-brown.
    I like it that you know so many women reading this book. It has a kick-ass young protagonist, a 16-year old female. She is cynical, and a reluctant heroine, irresistible.

    Ellen: It is a pretty cool school, it really is.

  6. They're making seeing a movie into a school outing in order to celebrate not having to go to school at all for a while? That seems odd to me.

    I guess I'll see the movie, like I do most movies, on DVD. Sometimes, Peggy and I go to the $1.50 movie at a time when no one else is likely to be there but I mostly prefer to watch things at home.

  7. I didn't mention it, but students also have to write a compare-and-contrast essay related to a couple of other pieces of dystopian fiction. So I guess you could say it was an educational outing.

    The Friday before spring break is an unsettled day. Teachers have to come up with some engaging ideas in order make it work, and this one was a good one.


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