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21 March 2012

Not bitter, oh no

Wasn't I just extolling the weather gods for their drama? Yes, I think that was me.

Celebrating the season that is due any day now, my 6th graders have been painting trees. Some of their creations are blooming pink.

While others are spring-green. I love their spring pictures.

I took this photo yesterday, a few steps from the school where I work. March 20th: the spring equinox.

It was the day that my daughter-in-law flew back home with little Rowan after a week-long visit. They live in Chicago, where it is 80˚ today.

So it has all been very nice, but I should have known what was coming.

I woke up to this today: school is canceled and I can't even get out of the driveway.

 What? More snow?

Yes. You see, we here in western Oregon are doing our bit to stifle global warming, keepin' it frigid and icy. But the same can't be said of all you slackers out there in the rest of the country, Alaska excepted. All of you people in your shorts and tank tops, sipping your mojitos under umbrellas in the sun. Roller-blading. Driving around in convertibles listening to rock 'n roll. Backyard barbecues.

It's only March!  You know you don't deserve it!

Ah well, I'm not bitter. I think I'll just have another brownie and a glass of milk. A glass with a dinosaur on it to cheer me up.


  1. know i didn't get enough winter this year...and i definitely didn't deserve the creek walkin' toad catchin' pickerel frog callin' wildflower huntin' newt lovin' days we're having this week...but i'm gonna enjoy them anyway, cause, well, they're here!
    and come ON - those cheeks will sustain you through many weeks of foul weather....(not *your* cheeks, of course - rowan's...)

  2. oh dear! you had me laughing, though! and i don't feel one bit guilty since our spring is SUPPOSED to be here right now! :)

  3. (and i LOVE the drawings you shared!)

  4. This post is just what I needed to remind me that winter does exist somewhere and to appreciate this lovely long spring we have been having!

  5. Great set of pics - I particularly love the expression on the doggies face: I think he hates snow !

  6. Slim: It will be awhile before there is any creek walkin' around here. It is 8 PM and still snowing like crazy! Rowan was a little sunbeam, especially when he smiled, so we miss him and it seems a little bit colder without him.

    twg: OK. I guess you get to have spring where you live. Maybe.

    Tabor: What the heck happened to your winter over there in the east? But no worries, we are making up for it!

    RR: He actually loves the snow, but only up to a point. Then he really really wants to be in where it's nice and warm. Just like me.

  7. Wow, today was the warmest March day on record in Chicago as it got up to 88 degrees. Last year it was 22.

  8. Poor you! It's shorts weather up here in Canada, too. I know we could easily still be hit with something like you got but I'm just enjoying this bonus season.

    Lovely photos.. baby cheeks and doggie eyes! So darned cute.

  9. Spring always comes early here down in south Texas but it was even earlier than usual after a pretty much non-winter.

  10. Laoch: 88??? That is ridiculous.

    Hilary: I fear that this hot spell will be followed by a disastrous freeze for you all. So bad for the plants.

    Ellen: I just hope you get some rain this year.


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