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11 March 2012

Guacamole as a tax avoidance strategy

John is out of town and I promised I would begin the process of "taking care of the taxes." Nobody likes doing this, right? I bet even accountants don't like doing this, and it's their job! Why did they choose to spend their lives doing this? Gotta wonder, but I'm glad they did, because people like us can turn 80% of the work over to them. I'm terrible at keeping books, although John thinks I'm better than he is.  Truthfully, we both hate it.

But I like to cook. So to amuse myself and to take a break from taxes I decided to improve my guacamole-making skills. Guacamole is one of those things I don't make well, and I think that everybody else makes it better than me.

Most avocados that we get here in Oregon come from California, but when I was very little I remember my parents talking about a distant relative who had an "avocado ranch in Florida."

"Are you kidding me?" I thought, "a RANCH?"  That was a lot of decades ago, in the upper Midwest, so you have to understand that avocados were still exotic, and me-being the little buckaroo that I was-assumed that a ranch meant a ranch. And things on ranches that ended in "o" had to be gauchos or vaqueros. Horses! Barns! Corrals with wooden fences! Dogs and barn cats! Lassos! Ribs and beans! Smoke, dust, and huge rocks! Gunfights?

You can only imagine my disappointment.

But I've gotten over that, and I do like guacamole. So instead of throwing a big blob of bottled salsa into a bowl of mashed avocado, I chose a recipe called "Perfect Guacamole" and made it.

When I make things, Ed and Reub like to be nearby. When I'm alone in the house, this is very endearing.

I congratulate myself on a great idea. I've finally learned how to make better guacamole. I should be drinking beer with it, but alas there is only wine.  And Red Vines on the side? Maybe it's time to get back to the taxes...nahhh...I think I'll look at YouTube instead...

This is definitely NOT your ordinary cooking video: 


  1. you're gonna do ANYTHING besides do the tax stuff, aren't you?! :)

  2. How odd that we also had guacamole this evening. We do not make it often but hubby was the cook and made tacos and we bought three nice avocados to add. Hubby makes it more like a chunky salad rather than a mashed side dish. I like both ways.

  3. I consider guacamole to be as close to a perfect food as anything in existence.

  4. twg: I even washed the floor.

    Tabor: Great minds thinking alike. I finished the whole bowl by myself.

    Laoch: Really good guacamole is also somewhat healthy. Nice.

    Reya: I bet I could exist nicely on just guacamole and chips. Beer. Cheese. Maybe a glass of water now and then.

  5. Cooking is so much more fun than doing taxes. I agree, do the taxes when you have absolutely nothing else to do.

  6. I love guacamole and make it fairly often.. yum! WITHOUT cilantro.. that stuff tastes vile to me. Aside from that, yours looks quite yummy. ;)

    That video is wonderful.. the diced dice is so clever.


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