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06 March 2012

Girl Scout cookie craving

I have a big ol' craving for a Girl Scout cookie tonight, but there isn't one to be had. We finished them two weeks ago.

In mid February I bought two boxes from a little girl who displayed amazing salesmanship:

Me, approaching her little table outside the grocery store: Hi. How much for a box?

Little girl: $4.50. Or 5 boxes for $20, which is a really good deal!

Me: Five boxes is more than I can eat.

Little girl: You could buy them and donate the extras to the food bank.

Me, changing the subject slightly:  Uh...what kinds of cookies do you have?

Little girl, describes in detail:
Blurry pic of Savannah Smiles from the GSA website
Me: I'm kind of a Thin Mint or Trefoil person, but I think I'll take a box of Savannah Smiles. Because you say they're new this year, and I don't want them to feel unwelcomed.

LG: Good choice! They will go very well with a cup of tea.

Me: And a box of Thank U Berry Much.

Little girl, sensing victory: Would you like to donate 3 boxes to the food bank?

Me, realizing I actually don't have $20, and also it might be better to donate something more nutritious: Not today. Thank u berry much.

Tonight I wish I had bought a few boxes more.

I wish that because, not only do I have a cookie-craving, but because the Girl Scouts have been taking it on the chin from the far-right crazies this year. This ridiculous diagram was spread all over the place in January, but I have a feeling it may have had the effect of increasing sales, not decreasing them. I sure hope so.

Now, about that craving...guess I'll have to settle for a bowl of ice cream instead.


  1. Girl scouts and girls in general have been taking it on the chin lately. I wonder why.

    Your pics of the cookies are gorgeous and your salesgirl was very sophisticated!

  2. Reya: Yeah what's up with these relentless attacks on women? Even the Girl Scouts aren't being left alone.

    Chrystal: I didn't buy any samoas, but I wish I had. And some thin mints. And maybe those peanut butter ones. Trefoils. Gah, I have my craving all over again just writing this.

  3. my heart skipped a bit on the diagram. oh well.

    samoas for me, please!! after the biggest earthquake we experienced in the PNW, after coming home to the huge mess in our apartment (all plants down. all fragile items destroyed. cat terrified.), we ordered something like 25 boxes from our neighbor girl - told her we'd take whatever she had left = one kitchen FULL of samoas. YUM!

  4. WOW! Who would have ever imagined a few years ago that Girl Scouts might be attacked?

  5. I've been addicted to the chocolate mint cookies for years. When a girl scout knocked at my door this spring I raided the stash of quarters for the laundromat just to feed that craving!

  6. Debbie: Omigosh, that would have been the perfect food after such a catastrophe, perfect. I bet you associate girl scout cookies with that earthquake every time you eat them.

    EG: It's crazy, isn't it? And vicious.

    Pauline: Thin mints are their best-selling cookie, so you are in good company!

  7. These look evil. It is interesting how some of these right wing groups are so frightened of women's power.

  8. I haven't seen GG cookies in ages. I had no idea they had anything other than their standard sandwich cookies and the thin mints. These berry ones look yummy!

  9. Laoch: Is it power they are afraid of? Or just women? Or both.

    Hilary: I don't know if the Girl Guides sell the same array, maybe not. But every year the girls here come out with one or two new kinds of cookies. I'm such a sucker.


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