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05 March 2012

Whims of March

 It's an unpredictable time, these days. Politics, the weather, this and that. It snowed on the first of March.

 But of course it didn't last. When the pussy willows look like this you know spring is near.

Tonight it will probably snow again up in the hills where we live. Winter hangs on while spring lingers in the wings. We have a fire in the fireplace, but not for many more weeks.


  1. love that towhee in the first shot! gorgeous bird! yay for spring!

  2. We have been so lucky this winter....knock on wood! I feel like we have had spring all winter long. Love your towhee.

  3. TWG: It snowed, but tomorrow it should be 65. Spring for sure.

    Rebecca: The east coast winter has been like a typical western Oregon winter! Pretty mild.


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