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15 April 2012

Headin' into it

On this CBS website you can click on the little red cars. They're storm chasers! You can see their crazy streaming videos as they try to drive into tornados. I've been watching these obsessively and unhealthily since yesterday afternoon.
As the SPC predicts catastrophic weather in the nation's midsection this weekend, a large percentage of family members are/have been blithely heading right into it.  John is flying to Joplin (bottom left of map) to meet up with his dad who is busing from the top right; meanwhile son Ben is driving from the center of the map to Chicago.

Ironically John and his dad (age 94 and going strong) are going to Joplin, laid flat by a tornado last year, on a re-building project.

They say if you run really fast you can dodge raindrops, so...

Meanwhile here in western Oregon it is a nice spring day.


  1. oh dear. i hope everyone arrives safely with little scares!

  2. this is the week we're headed to chicago (yup, we're all going!! can't wait!!) - i guess i should check that map...

  3. twg: I'm waiting to hear, but it looks like John will be spending the night in TX & fly into Joplin tomorrow.

    Slim: I didn't know you were going to Chicago, all of you! Starballz?


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