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15 April 2012

Miscellaneous dumb stuff

If I knew how to use Photoshop I could make this look like a baby in darling leggings, flying over the moon. Instead I must admit that this is an unedited photo of John holding Rowan (in darling leggings) in our kitchen.

Last time I talked about trying, on foot, to find Fawn Lake in the Cascades I ended up writing something called Yoga and Beer. But a few weeks ago we actually did find it. John took a stunning photo of me smiling in front of a dramatic winter backdrop, but I like this one better.  Here I am wondering WHAT MOUNTAINS are those? You see, I thought we had snow-shoed All the Way to the Top. Mountains are extremely tricky places. After consulting map-and-compass, John identified these as Red Top and Lakeview mountains. I had never heard of them and I bet you haven't either.

Also, I fancy that I look just a little like Princess Leia in a winter coat and snow shoes.

Last month I ran a 5k race in which I was both first and last in my age group. Eddy, in an attempt to be funny, is shown here after finding my (sweaty) number. He is racing past me.

On Saturday we went on a hike and had Thai food afterwards. John ordered Tom Yum. Because he shared it with me I can now cross it off the @!&^#!+ Facebook "100 Foods Before You Die List" that so irritates me. The list irritates me because an Ed & Reub post about it in January got over 2,000 hits this week. I'm not giving you a link to that dumb post because I don't even want any more people to go there. And I'm never looking at Google Analytics again! Hint: if you want huge numbers of non-readers to go to a post you've written, just give that post a title of a recent FB fad.

Long ago we put a man on the moon. Why can't blogger fix this? 



  1. Chris: Very funny. So as to no longer be annoyed I'm adding my own comment and now everything is plural and just fine.

  2. you made me laugh several times in this! princess leia. ha ha! and i've had some of those hits, too... :)

  3. I did a post a long time ago about dinner one night that happened to be stew and posted a pic of beef stew. I thought people would never stop hitting my blog for that stupid picture. Same with the one I posted about pills. And rain. one more recent post about finally getting rain and the picture I used to illustrate how happy I was about it is still getting hundreds of hits. but the biggest ones are my posts about nakedness and sex. perverts looking for pictures of naked girls and sex from all over the world. I expect I'll continue to get hundreds of hits from those until I take my blog off-line.

  4. What a great post. Mountains ARE tricky and yes yes they should all have names. They are great beings. One of my favorite mountains in the Appalachians is Slane's Knob. What a name!

    I'm so impressed you ran a 5k. You are mighty.

  5. Anything that brings readers to your blog - yours too, Ellen - is a good thing. This is good.

    I never check my stats. Ignorance is bliss!

  6. You can make the change to "1 Comment" or any other word you might prefer in place of "comment" or "comments." Here's a tutorial to follow. Be sure to back up your template first, just in case.

  7. Ellen: A picture of stew? I think I'll go look for that. You did have some pretty good Naked Posts; I never thought about those getting extra hits, but of course that must be why my single post referencing "cougars" is popular too.

    Laoch: I want to dress like Leia & do another 5k.

    Reya: I love mountain names too, especially the ones that end in "Knob" I think there are more "knobs" in the east than there are out west.

    Checking stats more than once a month is a bad idea.

    Hilary: Really? I can set it to say 1 comment when there is just one comment? And it will know to say "2 comments" when the 2nd one comes along? Then why doesn't it do that in the first place? hmmmmm.


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