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19 April 2012

"my portuguese water dog won't go out alone"

Eddy here.
A few days ago Kerry looked at stats for Ed & Reub. She rarely does this. Of the 617 keywords leading to Ed & Reub, approximately 616 of them were some variation of "Facebook's 100 foods before you die."

The 617th was: "my portuguese water dog won't go out alone."

Whoever wrote that into Google, I feel bad that you didn't get any satisfaction here at Ed & Reub. I hope you try again, because I'd rather talk about this than FB's goofy list any day.


 Of course your Portuguese Water Dog won't go out alone! Silly. 

Photo taken in 1898, in the Atlantic Ocean 25k west of Lisbon, Portugal. The dog's name is Segasto, and he is sporting the traditional weird waterdog  "lion clip."(Photo from K. Braund's 'The New Complete Portuguese Water Dog,' courtesy  Conchita Cintron)
You wouldn't either if you had a chromosome bred into you for the past 1500 years that tells you to remain with the crew. That's right: the crew: you and me on a tiny fishing boat bobbing off the coast of the Iberian peninsula. Where I bark like crazy at every gull who dares to swoop near the catch. Where I retrieve anything you ask me to. Where we entertain ourselves for hours on end with nobody else around. We exchange jokes. I eat part of your lunch. You depend on me to listen. I look you directly in the eyes when you speak.

I'm not going anywhere without you. What were you thinking? If you wanted a dog that went out by himself you should have gotten a cat.


  1. Wow, Ed. I have loved having you stick to me all week. While John is gone, you have rarely strayed more than 10 feet from my side. But actually it would be kinda nice if you could occasionally let yourself out. Just once in awhile.

  2. our Jake is boxer mixed breed and he must have some of these genes, he has to be with a human at all times and will not stay in the yard alone, our other hound dog, loves to be alone and rarely moves, she sleeps 20 out of 24

  3. this made me laugh! God bless your cute pup (and his entire devoted breed).

  4. Well of course you should have a cat as well, but I think the fine canine should just go ahead and learn how to open the door so he can slip away for some nefarious activities.

  5. Please don't tell him he can open the door whenever he wants. That would be disastrous.

  6. My husband have been looking at getting a PWD. Where did you get yours? We have spent months researching the breed after meeting one at our local dog park and have been very intrigued. Would you suggest them for an active couple who need a jogging buddy?

  7. Griffin: I also did a lot of research before settling on the pwd. The breeder where we got Eddy has since retired, and I'm not sure where I would go now if I were looking. I interviewed the breeder & she interviewed me too, though: it was like trying to adopt a baby.

    Anybody thinking of getting this breed MUST be active! Pwds are very playful & resistant to fatigue. Also extremely smart.I'm a runner & take the dogs out every day. Eddy always runs begrudgingly (b/c he would much rather play ball& tries to coerce me into that instead)while our pointer mix is happy to accompany & has an easy gait. Eddy can go go go alllll day long though, allllllllllll day long.

    Eddy loves to go to dog classes of all sorts, especially rally classes. He has an even temperament and huge sense of humor. Let me know if you decide to get a pwd!

  8. Hello
    Do you know if the old PWD can be used in a documentary in the German Television ?
    Thank you

    1. Good question Rodrigo. I scanned the photo from a book called The New Complete Portuguese Water Dog, by Kathryn Braund,published by Howell Book House, 1997. I thought it would be ok since I earn no money off of this small blog, and the photographer is unknown. In fact I may be wrong & perhaps should have sought permission? The photo was from Conchita Cintron's own collection, but as you probably know, she died in 2009, so the photo must be part of her estate.


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