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22 April 2012

Things that might bite or sting

Amazing warm, sun-filled day, the first of 2012 for this part of Oregon. John (just returned from a house-building project in Joplin Missouri) and Ed and Reub and I went for a jog in the park mid-day...

...and lying in our path, pretending to be a shadow on the ground, was a long snake. Quite a beauty.

A very calm snake who didn't startle us, and who allowed me to come quite close.

Meanwhile above us the trees were in full bloom.

They were abuzz with honey bees, who I imagine are very grateful that things are finally blooming. Busy bees, with no thought of stinging anybody.

Speaking of creatures with potential to do damage, Reuben has made it a full year with no further aggression towards man nor beast. Of course much of that is because of how we handle him now, plus the judicious use of canine Prozac (not kidding), but still. Yay for non-aggression.


  1. I like the snake. looks like some version of our rat snake. looks like it was sunning itself. and the flowering trees are beautiful and very cool pictures.

  2. that's awesome about reuben. :) and nice snake, too!

  3. Congrats on your work-results with Reuben. Think how much happier and more secure he feels now too. Yay!
    Collie Rescue are setting up a new fund especially to support rescuing dogs with behavioral issues. Abbey's going to be the poster child. if I can write her story properly.

  4. Those blossoms look so fresh and full of spring beauty.

  5. Ellen: I think it was a rat snake and boy was he ever lazily soaking up the sun.

    twg: Thanks.

    ER: He is still a work-in-progress, but yeah we have definitely seen results & are cautiously delighted. I think it is a VERY good idea to set up a support system for rescue dogs like Reub & Abbey, to keep them from repeatedly ending up (with worsening behaviors) in shelters.

    Hilary: It is finally spring time here and anywhere you point your camera there is a beautiful blossoming thing. Easy photos!

  6. Love those blossoms. So very fresh and pretty. Glad your work with Rueb is paying off.

  7. I am glad you had a lovely walk out but I'm even more glad that Reuben is a good boy now and you won't be sending him off into the great unknown to fend for himself.

    Well done!

  8. So glad about Reuben! My sister has a cat on Prozac too. Snakes scare me...I would not want to get close enough for that photo!

  9. Yay for non-aggression indeed! Of course when bees sting and snakes bite, they aren't necessarily thinking aggressively, they're just taking care of themselves. I bet that's what we think we're doing, too, hey?

    Beautiful pictures.

  10. Great pics of lovely white flowers & the awesome snake. Could you identify the snake ?

  11. Thanks y'all. Best guess as to the species of snake:
    Pituophis catenifer: Gopher snake, not poisonous, but can be aggressive, which this guy was not, so I don't know. Maybe he was just having a good day.


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