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21 May 2012


Skip this if:
A. You dislike Cheezits and Wheat Thins
B. You detest people who apparently have way too much time on their hands.

But you should continue if:
A. You like Cheezits  or Wheat Thins but wish they didn't have a zillion ingredients in them.
B. ummmmmm.....never mind.

 Last weekend we were invited to the 40th birthday party of a friend who is an amazing cook. She didn't really want presents, but I racked my brain anyway, trying to think of an appropriate gift. Bumbling around the internet I stumbled upon this recipe for crackers.  Homemade crackers? This had never occurred to me, a cracker-lover. Crackers are expensive but I buy them all the time. You can make them at home? Really? Who makes crackers?

 Huh. Turns out you can do this easily. Plus, they can be adorable crackers, in the shape of little acorns, or something equally irresistible. All you need is a cookie cutter to make that happen.

 For 4 bucks at a second hand store I found a very nice white serving platter. I wrapped up the fluted cookie cutters and attached the acorn cutter.

Voila. A 40th birthday present.

To be quite honest I think I might just give this to myself sometime when I need it.


  1. Great gift for a friends birthday. Did you actually bake them? Looks delicious.
    I am curious as to how crackers got their name ? Is it because they are thin and brittle and crack easily ?

  2. RR: I did bake them! It was fun. But I do not know how crackers got their name. I bet you're right though; they're thin and brittle and crack easily.

  3. ooh! ooh! me too!! i want crackers!!!! and that acorn cookie would make even inedible cookies totally incredible. ani and i made cheesie crackers (think MUCH better-than-goldfish crackers) once...but they didn't look like acorns. or goldfish.

  4. haha! the acorn shape makes everything perfect, doesn't it?

    Maybe you and ani used the same recipe; this was a cheese cracker, too. you can use any kind of cheese, even gruyere.

  5. I just bought some cheezits today. I never would have thought to make homemade crackers either, and it does look like a great gift. What I want to know is, did you try them yourself after you made them? I'm assuming you did make some cheezy ones and wheat ones.

  6. I think the key is to keep them crisp. They probably need to be kept sealed unless you can eat them all in two days.

  7. mmmmmmmmm - back in a bit. I have to go make some crackers

  8. we made our own matzohs once. but those crackers do look good.

  9. Jarie Lyn: I made it sound like there were two kinds, but it's only one: whole wheat cheese crackers. They look like Wheat Thins & taste like Cheezits made with wheat. I did taste them! The thinner you roll them the better they are.

    Laoch: They were yummy, plus fun to make.

    Tabor: I had a dish of them left
    over from the gift platter, and I just let them sit out. They stayed crisp that way, but maybe they would have been even better sealed up.

    Pauline: Wait, you can borrow a few cookie cutters if you promise to share your crackers!

    Ellen: Matzohs! I bet those would be pretty easy to make. hmmm.

  10. What a terrific idea! And yes, I find my hand in the Cheezit bag an feel awful about it later.

  11. It's really hard to stop eating cheezits.

  12. I can't eat cheese, I'm intolerant, so please tell me why I read this post?

  13. Well Friko, you can't say I didn't warn you!

  14. What a great gift.. yummy, I'm sure and probably very much appreciated.


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