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12 June 2012

The basics of Japanese

Recently John had a stress-induced dream in which we were in a bar and he was attempting to order us two draft beers, but for a variety of spectacular reasons (involving a band of circus performers)  the spigots failed to work and we never got our beer. What a nightmare, eh?

He denies this, but I say that the dream arose from our Japanese lessons.

Before we go anywhere overseas I always sign us up for language classes. We've gone to Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese classes, always learning (or re-learning) a few basics.

In preparation for our trip to Akita, Japan, I ordered a set of language cds off of eBay. John loves these lessons, but the priorities of the editor confound me! We've gone through 5 cds in which we have yet to be taught to introduce ourselves or count to 20,  however we can easily order two beers. It was almost the first thing they taught us. And I know how to say "I want to drink saki now" but I have no idea how to order a glass of water.  What does this portend? I'm a little worried.

I love to cook when I'm worried. Nothing like a nice batch of udon soup to calm me down.


  1. you made me laugh! they should teach introductions, 'where are the restrooms?' and how to ask and get directions. :)

  2. Terrible idea to teach you to order beer but not how to get to the restroom afterwards, isn't it!!! But that's where I'm at.

  3. Having been to Japan a number of times and having been to some of their evening dinners where we sit on the and saki are one the primary things they expect you to enjoy there!!

  4. Tabor: I bet we will enjoy plenty of beer and saki! It must be super important to the culture to come so early in language lessons.

  5. I have taken Japanese, it is quite difficult. Still I think it will be a wonderful trip.

  6. That soup looks wonderful!

    It kind of makes me laugh that the CDs can teach you to order a beer and yet have not revealed how to ask for a glass of water.

    There's AA in Japan -- right?! :-)


  7. Laoch: It's a difficult and interesting language. Fun to learn something so different from other languages.

    Pearl: It was yummy and not hard to make.

    I looked it up, and found a supremely-unhelpful AA website for Japan. Lots of other websites and articles examining the social drinking patterns in Japan (there is a long history & no temperance movement to speak of).

    I MUST learn the word for water, or I'll be in rough shape!


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