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15 June 2012

Watching the clock

Hey look at this amazing "digital" clock, made from 24 analog clocks:

People have been asking if I'm "counting the days" until the end of school next Wednesday, which will also mark my last day of working as a teacher.  Aside from being utterly in love with the above clock, I'm not really a clock-watcher, a day-crosser-offer, a person with their bags packed.

Eras come and go incrementally and constantly: always something to look forward to, and something to learn from the past. There is an art to looking forward and thinking back, and that's what I'm working on.

Both clock works are from the design studio Humans Since 1982.


  1. very neat. love the new header pic.

  2. those clocks are so cool!

    and i loved your phrase 'an art to looking forward and thinking back'.

  3. More and more each day I am hoping that time will slow down.

  4. Reya: Aren't these super cool? What a neat idea. These designers have some other great ideas too.

    Ellen: Thanks. These wild irises are called Oregon Flags. I love them.

    twg: Thanks!

    Laoch: Time has a way of speeding up just when one wishes it would slow down.

  5. That odd thing is that time passes whether we want it to or whether we are watching it or not!

  6. Amazing clock. You are not really serious are you - about Wednesday being the last day as a teacher in school ? Are you sad or happy or indifferent ? What are your future plans.

  7. Tabor: The passage of time is a sure thing. I wish that there really were a time machine, though. To go backwards in time! Yeah. I would go visit Leonardo da Vinci.

    RR: I am serious! I will be 63 years old in October! I don't know how this happened! (Oh right, what Tabor just said.) I have no plans. Oddly, that in itself is kind of a plan.

  8. Awesome clocks! Congrats on getting to retire. Enjoy!!

  9. Do you know Christian Marclay? His Clock is pretty awesome.

  10. Thanks Gail! I will enjoy.

    Dan: Should have heard of this guy. I think I'll go watch his installation because I would love it I'm sure.

  11. Dan: re: the sound in the first video here, of the "digital" clock, I showed it to a class of kids & their reaction was very much in response to the soundtrack, which switches from tense and frightening to charming & like a music box. They were all like"oooh this is scary, then oooh this is magical." Really interesting! But you already knew this.


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