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22 July 2012

Introducing Hester Prynne

Reub here. Hate to break in on this little "Japan-fest" of Kerry's, but somebody needs to stop her. Japan-this and Japan-that, but no mention of the other stuff that's going on.

I'm worried about her. We have spent 2 and 1/2 blissfully cat-free years around here and what do you think she brought home yesterday? You guessed it: a c-a-t. It's from the shelter, too, so it's a pre-meditated cat. Words cannot express how betrayed I feel. Every time I think about that cat I feel like I've been swatted. 

I just didn't see this coming, did you? Is she turning into a cat-lady?

 I guess the good news is that it's a temporary cat. At least that's what "foster parent" implies.

 And, ahem, I think we all know perfectly well why she named it "Hester Prynne:" shunned by the people around it, on its own, and not sayin' who's responsible for the delicate condition. Kerry says there will be a baby named "Purrl." I don't think it's as funny as she does.


  1. She'll get over it. Besides it's not such a bad cat. It didn't even hiss at me yesterday.

  2. awww. i think she needs a safe place to be right now!!! glad you could make room for her!

  3. I wish I could foster, but I'd get too attached and end up on the news with too many to care for. Hope this cutie finds a furever home soon. I love the name Purrl! LOL

  4. She has a pretty coat. So nice of you to foster her. I like the names.

  5. Awww.. what a cutie. Good for you for taking her in.

  6. grrrrrrrrrr! people people people! before you get all misty-eyed about how magnanimous Kerry is, may I remind you that there will be BABY ANIMALS? KITTENS to take pictures of? tax-deductible, temporary, CUTE THINGS? you can call that some kind of self-sacrifice if you want, but HONESTLY this just makes me want to...uh..jump on the couch and sleep through the next 8 weeks?

  7. I am gravely allergic to cats, but wanted you to know that while I sympathize with Reub, I also can smile at this post.

  8. Kittens! I looooove kittens! :)

  9. Reuben, Reuben - relax, my good dog. I've seen photos where cats and dogs actually coexist peacefully. Act like you're backing Kerry, which will make her wonder where she went wrong... Hester needs all the sympathy she can get right now. Show us your magnanimous side, eh?

  10. Tabor: Nice to know SOMEBODY sympathizes with me.

    Chrystal: There will be some kittens here for you to adopt. Just say the word!

    Pauline: Those pics have all been photo-shopped; I'm sure of it! I took your advice & showed my support for Kerry by eating a bowl of cat food, and you know what, I just can't win. However the cat food was yummm.

  11. Rueben - I'm sorry to hear about your difficult living situation. You know we love you almost as much as Kerry and John, and our door is open to you and Eddie at any time.

    Now, I'll catch you up on what's new for us. We adopted a new furry friend from the shelter. Yes, her name is Mia Yao, and yes, she does look suspicously feline. BUT, and this is a big but - she is not in the family way. So, at least there wouldn't be all that oohhh she's going to have babies stuff going on.

  12. Mary: Your kittin' me right? (get it?)

    Well. You're still down one feline and we are about to have a boat load of them here. One of them has your name on it.

    Congratulations, I guess. Must be a Siamese cat with a name like that. Lucky Mia.

  13. Reub, ol' buddy, fret ye not, i know you and Ed are still number 1 in Kerry's eyes. And besides, you get to go out on long, adventurous walks every day with your friends. Guess who doesn't?!!

    I feel for ya buddy, but this too will change...

    Saul (remember me?)

    1. SSAAAUUUULLLLLLL! I am beside myself with wags! I NEVER forget a friend. Never.

      Funny you should mention it, I think it is time for a walk this very instant.


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