Reub's journey

25 July 2012

Summer's day with critters

A summer's day with the critters: 

The turkeys have provided numerous adrenaline rushes for all concerned.

 Foster cat Hester Prynne continues to grow, at least her belly does.

 As she snoozed on my lap this morning, her kittens were active and I could feel and see them moving around. It's a crazy system we mammals have. Wow.

Did you know that female cats are called "queens?" Sleep away, Hester Prynne, you sweet queen.

On a summer's day such as this, when you come home with 22 pounds of blueberries, you can't help but be thankful for the small things, full of life, all of them.


  1. reub's a good dog! :)

    sweet foster kitty. what a love...

  2. we took a stray once who came to our door hungry and lost. Three days later she gave birth to three kittens.

  3. I enjoyed the way the turkey chase was presented. Very cool idea. Great story, too. Mama cat looks awfully content there. Maybe she's a keeper! Awesome shot of the ladybug on the blueberries.

  4. Nice pics Kerry. Are you through with your Japan posts already !

  5. twg: Not always a good dog! But Hester is sweet.

    Laoch: and very likable.

    Ellen: ooooh. Did you keep them? Poor thing.

    Gail: I'm trying not to think about keeping her. I think I can help get her adopted by taking hotos and writing an endearing profile for her when she goes back to the shelter.

    RR: No! I have more to say about Japan!

  6. Great photos telling great stories!


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