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17 December 2014

Other things

Here is a dark and beautiful little poem for this season of waning light, from poet Tom Hennen's highly regarded book Darkness Sticks to Everything. It reminds me of the not-so-obvious photographs that I like best.

Love for Other Things
by Tom Hennen

It’s easy to love a deer

But try to care about bugs and scrawny trees

Love the puddle of lukewarm water
From last week’s rain.

Leave the mountains alone for now.
Also the clear lakes surrounded by pines.
People are lined up to admire them.

Get close to the things that slide away in the dark.

Be grateful even for the boredom
That sometimes seems to involve the whole world.

Think of the frost
That will crack our bones eventually.

"Love for Other Things" by Tom Hennen, from Darkness Sticks to Everything, Copper Canyon Press, 2013.


  1. You take such interesting photos. They make me want to stop for a while and gaze. The canoers captured my attention for sure. The 2nd to last shot is so artistic!

  2. Very nicely done. Love all your pics and enjoyed the verse.

  3. so many very cool images, I usually just photograph the obvious. I like these random abstracts. I would love to be that close to bambi!!!!!

  4. Such a nice artistic collection of images!!

  5. beautiful photos. and I do love the bugs and crawly things.

  6. I love deer until they chomp my garden to the ground. Then I am pretty darn mad at them.

  7. I love the last line of the poem in conjunction with your photo. Splendid post. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  8. Incredible and appropriate images to match the beautiful poem !

  9. Very well done, Kerry. You married photos and words beautifully. And now, I'm so far behind with my visit that the light is now waxing again. ;)

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

  10. Oh my! I shall have to bookmark this page so I can come back often. Wishing you a wonderful new year! Maybe we'll meet in August...

  11. Easy observances of outdoors. You are a fantastic photographer. Happy 2015!

  12. Oh, yes, that's a good one and with photographs to match.


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